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Hybrid IT and Zero Trust Networking

Old Network

Conventional Hybrid IT

Over two-thirds of enterprises are embracing hybrid IT and deploying corporate applications in public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Hybrid IT makes businesses more agile, but it requires new approaches to security because applications are located in many different places. Traditional remote-access solutions like virtual private networks (VPNs) and proxy servers are not suited for hybrid IT because they provide access to a single datacenter while modern hybrid IT is designed to use multiple physical and virtual datacenters.

The New Edge Way

New Edge's Secure Application Network is a cloud service that enables you to provide secure zero-trust access to private enterprise applications without making them, or your infrastructure, publicly visible on the Internet. Authorized users get simple, secure access only to the resources they need and not full network access. You're finally free to host corporate applications in the cloud or datacenter and make them accessible from anywhere, using any app on any device.

Quick to deploy, easy to administer and effortless to scale.

New Edge Network

A Balanced Approach to Security

Reduce IT Security Risk

Zero trust access to corporate applications

Protect data and resources with application-level access control based on user identity and device security posture. Prevent lateral movement within your cloud or datacenter. Authorized users get access to their applications, not your network.

Authorize before connect

Authenticate and authorize users before connecting them to your IT services. New Edge ensures that users and devices meet your access policy requirements before facilitating connections to your applications.

Internal resources stay private

Block inbound access to your physical or virtual networks and shield your internal corporate resources from outside threats. Simplify and tighten firewall rules. Hide corporate applications from the Internet by removing public DNS entries.

Make Everyone More Productive

Any application - Any protocol - Any device

Enable transparent, secure access to any TCP or UDP based service, including web applications, servers via SSH and RDP, databases, and more. Authorized users can access resources with browsers, apps or native clients on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Seamless and transparent user experience

Provide users simultaneous access to all of their applications deployed across clouds and datacenters through the most efficient path over the New Edge network. Eliminate the hassle of connecting and reconnecting to various VPN gateways.

No hardware and no network changes

Simplify IT operations. New Edge is easy to deploy and administer with no hardware or networking changes required. New Edge integrates with your identity and access management (IAM) and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

Zero trust security that just works!


Today's enterprises run their businesses with hundreds of corporate applications - used both internally and in conjunction with partners. These resources are now moving from centralized corporate datacenters to public cloud providers, creating a hybrid IT environment.


This trend has created an archipelago of application enclaves, with applications running in multiple data centers and multiple public clouds. New Edge is a global switchboard connecting users to private applications within those enclaves.

New Edge allows administrators to choose which applications to publish and defines access policies for those applications - including user and group assignment and device security policies. New Edge is the application-level connectivity fabric that authorizes and enables access between end-user devices and applications used on those devices. New Edge is a zero-trust networking solution that gives application access instead of network access. New Edge lives on top of AWS, Azure and Google infrastructure to connect to applications in the public cloud and the datacenter.

Centralized Security Administration

How New Edge is set up
  1. Administrators use the New Edge Admin console to specify Services (applications and other resources) they need to make available to users and to define conditional access policies to secure those Services.
  2. Administrators deploy a New Edge Publisher in each public cloud or datacenter that has Services that users need access to. Publishers connect your private resources to the New Edge Cloud, making them available to authorized users.
  3. Users access applications using the New Edge App - available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. The New Edge App connects user devices to the New Edge Cloud.

Conditional Access to Applications

Authorize before connect

When a user attempts to access a Service, New Edge determines whether or not to establish a connection based on the user's identity, resource assignments, and the security posture of the user's device.

Continuous policy enforcement

If a user already has a connection to a resource, but her account or device status changes, or an administrator updates a policy, such that the existing connection is no longer authorized, the New Edge Cloud will immediately block it and notify the user with a remediation message.

Application access

Use Cases

Employee Remote Access
Employee Remote Access

Improve the remote-access experience for your employees accessing applications in your datacenter and public cloud providers like AWS or Azure.

Provide immediate, secure access to your applications from anywhere without the complexity and security risks inherent in remote-access VPNs.

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Contractor and Partners Access to Your Applications
Contractors and Partners

Contractors and partners are often an extension of your company.

Learn how an enterprise security company gives them access to the applications and resource they need without compromising corporate security.

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Secure Access to Cloud Environments
DevOps and IT Staff

Secure, yet seamless access to cloud infrastructure is essential for DevOps to manage the applications your business depends on.

See how an organization that specializes in performing DevOps for multiple clients uses New Edge to keep them safe.

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HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA requires organizations to protect against unauthorized public access of ePHI.

Learn how a healthcare organization ensures HIPAA compliance by implementing secure application access to protect their network and enforce conditional access policies.

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