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Validating URLs in Ruby

We live in amazing times. Artificial Intelligence can beat humans in a game of Go. Elon Musk is planning to send a Tesla Roadster to Mars and…we still don’t have a good way to validate URLs in our web applications. Recently, I needed to add simple HTTP URL validation to a Ruby on Rails application…. Read More

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No drama engineering

I have worked at multiple companies which had a hero/firefighter engineering culture. Those who worked on “hot issues” received a lot of recognition for their efforts. Most of the time, top engineers did the firefighting. And they DO deserve recognition (beyond their firefighting efforts). It’s reasonable to praise people who are willing to go the… Read More

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Xcode macOS Project

Building signed macOS products on CI

This article highlights some of the challenges iOS developers may face when they begin to develop for macOS and, in particular, when they configure their continuous integration (CI) toolchain to build and test their macOS apps. As soon as we started to work on our macOS product, I tried to include it in our continuous… Read More

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