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How To Enable New Edge Publisher Logging

This article will guide you through the configuration of a New Edge Publisher to enable, update, or disable our syslog feature. Please refer to our Getting Started Guide for general deployment information. Publishers are New Edge software components which are deployed in your virtual network at your public cloud provider (e.g. AWS VPC) or internal network in your… Read More

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New Edge Access for Windows 10 Demo

Watch New Edge Senior Director of Engineering, David Walker, demo the latest Windows 10 client from New Edge to access apps and databases running in AWS. Quick to deploy, easy to administer and effortless to scale. How do you provide secure access to cloud resources from Windows 10 devices? Interested in secure access? Feel free… Read More

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How to Deploy a New Edge Publisher in VMware ESXi in your Datacenter

This article will guide you through deploying a New Edge Publisher in your datacenter in a VMware ESXi environment. Please refer to our Getting Started Guide for general deployment information. Create a Publisher Publishers are New Edge software components which are deployed in your virtual network at your public cloud provider (e.g. AWS VPC) or… Read More

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Cloud Computing and Nature Concept

Practical Advice on Cloud Hygiene

Reviewing and maintaining your cloud environment on a regular basis is an excellent habit to cultivate. Just like flossing and brushing your teeth, it prevents infections, decay, and saves a lot of money in the long run. I’m all for automating cloud operations and security. At a minimum, you should have robust identity management, log… Read More

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No drama engineering

I have worked at multiple companies which had a hero/firefighter engineering culture. Those who worked on “hot issues” received a lot of recognition for their efforts. Most of the time, top engineers did the firefighting. And they DO deserve recognition (beyond their firefighting efforts). It’s reasonable to praise people who are willing to go the… Read More

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