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Secure in Under 3 Minutes

New Edge Access in Under 3 Minutes

Watch New Edge VP of Engineering, Victor Ronin, deploy New Edge in AWS to secure a private application in 2 minutes 40 seconds! Quick to deploy, easy to administer and effortless to scale. How do you secure your private application servers on AWS? Interested in secure access? Feel free to share your ideas in the… Read More

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Jenkins Screenshot

Secure Access to Jenkins on AWS

Many Jenkins servers are exposed directly to the internet making them susceptible to a wide variety of security threats, like the recent JenkinsMiner exploit. Learn how to configure secure access to your private Jenkins servers running on AWS using New Edge. Overview This video will guide you through configuring New Edge to provide secure access… Read More

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AWS Security Groups

Configuring AWS Security Groups when using New Edge

Service Publishing is an essential capability provided by New Edge. Service Publishing makes enterprise applications and services running in your AWS environment available to your users in a secure manner. A key technology component of New Edge’s Secure Application Network is the New Edge Publisher. The New Edge Publisher is a pre-packaged software component that… Read More

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Cloud Computing and Nature Concept

Practical Advice on Cloud Hygiene

Reviewing and maintaining your cloud environment on a regular basis is an excellent habit to cultivate. Just like flossing and brushing your teeth, it prevents infections, decay, and saves a lot of money in the long run. I’m all for automating cloud operations and security. At a minimum, you should have robust identity management, log… Read More

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How to Secure Access to Confluence on AWS

How to Secure Access to Confluence on AWS (~10 mintutes) Many organizations use Confluence to create, share, and collaborate on projects and consider it to be a security-sensitive application which should not be exposed to the public Internet. This post will guide you through configuring New Edge to provide secure access to a private, self-hosted… Read More

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