Contractor and Partner Access to Your Applications

Twelve Hundred-person security company augments its staff with contractors who need to access multiple business systems. The company currently grants contractor access to these applications over a VPN, which not only gives the contractor access to the specific applications they need but also all the data and applications that are on that network segment. The company also wants visibility into device posture but is unable to do so today without also being responsible for managing the contractor's device.

By deploying New Edge, the company gives contractors access only to specific applications from a browser and native apps on their Windows devices. The company can also validate the device posture, including encryption status and use of antivirus software. In addition, contractors can get access to the applications they need without having to be listed in the company's Active Directory infrastructure. This simplifies the company's IT processes for on-boarding and ongoing management of contractors.

Contractor and Partner Access to Applications in Hybrid IT